12 Minibattles game Game

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12 Minibattles game HTML5

12 Minibattles game

12 Minibattles game

12 Minibattles is a collection of interesting games. These games all have a one-button control system that makes it easy to play. You can randomly play any game, be it shooting, racing or boxing …. every time you finish a match, you will enter another game, the games will be exported. random present. In this game you need to have 2 players, you will play against each other in any one game.
At the Timeber man game, you will control your character to jump to avoid circles that are dropped from the top and are rolling towards you. Those who survive the longest will win.
At the game of Tennis, you need to control your character and hit the tennis ball to the opponent, making him unable to save, when winning many points you will be the winner.
In Bumpers game, you will control your car to collect bullets, shaped 2 and 4 pictures. When you collect bullets 2 or 4, your vehicle will automatically shoot out consecutive rounds of ammunition you receive, then you will have the power to push opponents off the screen.
At the game of golf, you 2 will play golf at two different points but hit the same hole, whoever hit first will win.
At the Frog game, you will help your frog to eat a lot of insects, it is very hungry, when it comes near you, you just need to shoot an arrow at it to eat that insect.
In swords, you and your opponent automatically move to two sides of the screen, holding sharp swords in your hand, and your task is to throw that sword to damage the opponent.
Those are some examples of small games at this game, each game has its own interesting, giving players the feeling of fun, not boring.
This is a completely free game so you do not have to worry about paying any fee when playing. Because the game requires 2 players, you can play it with your friends. Two people will fight with each other, watching nguo

How to play 12 Minibattles game

12 Minibattles only need to use one keyboard character for one player, for each game content will be different:
Player 1 use A
Player 2 use L