2048: Fibonacci Game

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2048: Fibonacci HTML5

2048: Fibonacci

2048: Fibonacci

2048: Fibonacci is a puzzle game to practice thinking and the ability to remember extremely well. This is a game that helps you improve the logical thinking of your brain every day.
This is a famous intellectual game with a very interesting way to play. The game will take you to a square containing 16 small squares with numbers inside. The numbers in it will be any random numbers, maybe 2, 4, 8, which is double that number. Your task is to click on the dimensions so that the numbers can fit together to create the highest score possible. Swipe to move the same tiles when 2 cells with the same number of faces are on each other, they will combine into one. When the cell with the number 2048 is created, the player will win
If you click on the left, those numbers will flow to the left, if there are more than two numbers with the same digits lying on the same horizontal or vertical row, then all those numbers will combine into a single cell with a number equal to 2 powers of the same number of cells. It sounds a bit complicated, but try playing this cool mini-game, you will find it quite simple.
This free game with a very simple interface but contains quite complicated numbers inside. And if you play a game and you reach a number that has 2 powers of 8, then you are already excellent. However, many new records are still waiting to be discovered. Enjoy the adventure with the numbers in this good game.

How to play game 2048: Fibonacci

Use the arrow keys or WASD to slide the cells around the board. Combine numbers next to each other in the Fibonacci sequence to create larger numbers. Fibonacci numbers are a list (called a “series”) of numbers built in a very special way. It starts with 1,1 … and then you add 1 + 1 to the next number.