3 Pandas in Fantasy Game

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3 Pandas in Fantasy HTML5

3 Pandas in Fantasy

3 Pandas in Fantasy

3 Pandas are on a fantasy adventure, and they decide to explore a fantasy house filled with fairies, dwarves, wizards, goblins and many other mythical creatures. The house is really a portal to a mysterious world, pandas are trapped and as usual, they will need your help to escape this wonderful new place. They are sucked into the fantasy land after trying to play at an amusement park and landing in a place with forests, dungeons, beasts and other fairy creatures.

Your task in 3 Pandas in Fantasy is to guide the panda brothers through the levels to solve the puzzles and overcome the many obstacles they encounter. Now pandas must combine their abilities to help them escape and find their way back home to the bamboo forest. Use objects around you to overcome obstacles and brothers’ panda abilities. Thin pandas can be used to hang their brothers down, squatting pandas can lift others up and small round pandas can be thrown to small places to make way for others to pass. To control the panda, just click anywhere on the level.

Your cursor will have different shapes depending on the items you hover over. Raccoons can jump, climb and perform other actions. Each panda brother also has a special ability. Use each panda’s special ability: dangling, climbing or throwing to solve each puzzle. You can click each panda to use their unique skills. Big raccoons can lift others to higher places and you can throw small pandas to reach hard-to-reach points at each level. At some levels, you have to help other characters clear the way. Help the fairies trapped by elves. Break their cage, or borrow a dwarf’s mine truck after helping him deliver gems. You can even help a dragon escape some dwarfs. Be prepared to visit all kinds of enchanting locations with magic residents.

Features of 3 Pandas in Fantasy

Visit a mysterious fantasy world

Control 3 characters at the same time

Lots of puzzle levels with entertaining gameplay

Colorful 2D graphics

New fantasy game locations

Add fairy creatures to fight

How to play the game 3 Pandas in Fantasy

Use the mouse to play.

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