3D Neo Racing Multiplayer Game

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3D Neo Racing Multiplayer HTML5

3D Neo Racing Multiplayer

3D Neo Racing Multiplayer is a game for everyone who loves racing games. You can play against the computer or invite your friend to play on a computer.

When starting the game, you choose the car and start racing. Drive through a night city where the only light will give the neon color of your wheels. Each competitor has its own color and together you create a harmonious rainbow. Calculate every move, because every second determines who is the winner and who is the loser. The game has a total of 8 levels where you can beat your opponent. You can use the money you earn by unlocking these.

How to play game

Player 1

Use the arrow keys to drive and control

Use SPACE to Nitro;

Player 2

Use the WASD keys to drive and control

Use SHift to Nitro.