4 In A Row Game

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4 In A Row HTML5

4 In A Row

4 In A Row

4 In A Row is a game that connects 4 balls of the same color in a row along the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines before the opponent to win. This is an intellectual game, you can challenge with another player or with your phone.
4 In A Row is a classic game for 2 players. Your goal is to arrange 4 disks of the same color that are aligned horizontally, vertically or diagonally in front of the opponent to win.
When playing 4 In A Row game, you will feel this game is almost like playing chess, Caro. However, instead of having to line 5 pieces in a row, you just need to line up 4 to win. But the difficulty of Game 4 In A Row is not that you want to place your pieces in any position like when playing checkers.
You and your opponent will, in turn, drop the disc from the top and the disc will fall to the empty position at the bottom of that column. Therefore, the player must create a strategy and trick so that the opponent will not have the opportunity to drop the disc in the right place where you want to place the disc.
Game 4 In A Row has 3 game modes including play with the machine or compete with friends and players around the world. Easy play mode is easy to overcome, but hard and challenging modes are full of difficulties and challenges.
Single-player: Play games by yourself and against the machine. You can train your skills and tactics through 3 levels of difficulty to get ready to fight other people online.
Play with friends on the same machine: Two people will play against each other on the same machine, challenging logical thinking and wise tactics.
Play against other people online: You can compete with anyone around the world through an Internet connection.

How to play game 4 In A Row

Use the mouse to play game