40xEscape Game

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40xEscape HTML5



40xEscape is a hilarious puzzle adventure game that requires logical thinking and the intelligence of many popular players. This is a traditional escape room game and you will play 40 different rooms, where you need to find all the clues and cryptic suggestions to escape each room.
In the game, you find yourself locked in a locked house. Your task in the 40xEscape game is to find a way out of 40 different mysterious rooms. Use your wits and figure out how to unlock the room door by interacting with different objects on each level. You need to solve all the puzzles to unlock different rooms and finally escape the house with the body intact. Each room in the house has its own puzzles, hidden objects and a suggestion system. Look around the room for clues and objects to make it easier to escape. The higher the level, the more difficult rooms become so it is challenging to solve all the different puzzles to escape.
The game has suggestions for you to use whenever you can’t find the answer yourself. But the number of users will be limited, so save it.
Not limited in tight rooms, the 40xEscape game is quite open, it can take you into many rooms with completely different spaces.
In general, the game has quite attractive gameplay, especially the plot and the way that the hidden person follows you closely in each game screen. Play 40xEscape to experience the feeling of being watched, threatened and escape that situation spectacularly.
40xEscape door feature
40 different mysterious rooms
Attractive puzzles take place in many game scenes
Stunning graphics
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How to play 40xEscape

Use Mouse to control the game