5 minutes to kill yourself Game

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5 minutes to kill yourself HTML5

5 minutes to kill yourself

5 minutes to kill yourself

5 Minutes To Kill Yourself is a fun game. You have 5 minutes to find all kinds of objects in the office and try to kill you. How bad is stress!
You wanted to get married to the love of your life, but on the wedding day, you decided you don’t want to. You don’t want to get married at all! But the only way of getting out of this situation is getting yourself killed! Look around and find objects that might harm you until you’re dead. It’s the day of your wedding and you’ve got at least 5 minutes left to bring your life to a fast end. Move around as the spouse or as the poor guy and find things to destroy your body. 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself: Wedding Day is a funny sequel to the bloody self-destruction game series. Much fun!

How to play 5 minutes to kill yourself

- Use the mouse to control the game.
– Use M to open the map.
– Arrow keys: movement (Hint: tilt the keyboard to the right to match the game perspective if you’re having trouble.) Left arrow key is up, up is right, down is left and right is down.
– Space bar: Interact with people, obstacles, doors, etc.
– When talking to someone: The up/down arrows choose a response, the space bar confirms the response.
Tips and Tricks:
– You can play with full screen mode.
– Use M to open the map and orient yourself.
– Obstacles you can interact with are marked with a green arrow.
Some items must be combined with others before their deadly force is unleashed. When you have picked up the first item, the item you can combine it with will be marked by a larger green arrow.