60 Seconds Santa Run Game

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60 Seconds Santa Run HTML5

60 Seconds Santa Run

60 Seconds Santa Run

60 Seconds Santa Run is a fun arcade cool game about Santa Claus. It is Christmas time and you are very late! You need to get to the toy factory as soon as possible to produce the remaining Christmas gifts! Get to the higher platforms by jumping on them. You can also jump onto bricks to break them and reach some of the areas. In each level, you need to find a checkpoint to start the next one. You only have 60 seconds to finish the whole game, so you have to be super quick. You can always repeat the game to get better. 60 second Santa run is late to the toy factory, and he’s only got 60 seconds to get there. Smash blocks, avoid lasers and spikes and try to find secret shortcuts along the way. Will you be able to make it on time? Santa was really lazy this year, and he fell behind with the production. You must help him get into a toy factory as quickly as possible. But there is a time limit and if you fail, you have to start again. Poor old Santa is running late, he needs to get his act together for the Children! Help him rush through 8 levels of this action, puzzle platformer and of course try to save Christmas!
There are more than 340 games that were played for the game 60 seconds Santa Run. This game is a kind of action game. This game is also connected with the following keywords: challenging, Christmas.
We all knew Santa moved fast but no one could have guessed how fast. You have 60 seconds to finish this game or die trying.
Can you finish 60 Seconds Santa Run cool game?

How to Play 60 Second Santa Run

Use WASD or Arrow keys to run and jump.