99 Balls Game

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99 Balls HTML5

99 Balls

99 Balls

99 Balls is a fun and stress-relieving fun game, with a game that mixes many types of games such as shooting balls, shooting dinosaur eggs. With many highlights both on the way to play and beautiful images, 99 Balls game promises to bring you many new emotions when playing the game.
The evil doctor decides to attack Sonic’s city with numbers. In the 99 Balls game, your task is to select a reasonable shot angle to eliminate all the hateable balls numbered by hitting them with the number of times specified inside them before they land. city. Each ball contains a number indicating the number of hits it needs to be destroyed. Collect circles to increase the number of weapons you can throw at the same time. Collect stars to unlock new weapons. The deeper you go into the game, the higher the number on the balls. By the ability to observe, quick calculations and experience gained in the previous ball shooting versions, will you win the game or not?

How to play game 99 Balls

Drag the left mouse button back to aim, release to shoot.
To start the game 99 Balls, use the mouse, click and move to select the direction. Release the mouse to shoot the ball in the direction you chose. Note that the numbers will increase gradually from 1 – 9 so you need to shoot them all to eliminate the part.
By very simple gameplay, 99 Balls not only gives players great moments of relaxation but also a way to practice their logical thinking and computational ability.