A Blocky Christmas Game

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A Blocky Christmas HTML5

A Blocky Christmas

A Blocky Christmas

A Blocky Christmas is a very interesting and unique puzzle game with red and green tones. Put your imagination down when you immerse yourself in the game, this is a game suitable for children aged 4 and up.
Your task in the A Blocky Christmas game is to control a star-shaped cube that moves all of the magnetic blocks to their designated points so that they match the shaded area in each level, Make sure all the green shapes you need are in the proper order. To do so, you will use a small magnetic cube and will stick to other larger blocks. Star pieces can push and pull other pieces. Try to master and match all the different green pieces on the screen together as if this were a puzzle. Point out ways to get them all to the other side of the board in the right order so that the end result will be similar to the one required to pass the level. You will have to think a lot to do that, because the square with the star you will move is magnetized, and you take a piece that is hard to move. Play the magnetic star and see if you can match the provided images. You will find yourself in some difficult situations but a good dose of logic can see you pass the level.
The game has 16 levels. Play A Blocky Christmas game to discover the best fun in this game, make sure you will be interested in conquering each level of the game.

How to play the game A Blocky Christmas

Use the arrow keys to move blocks around until they match the shaded area.