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Ace Gangster HTML5

Ace Gangster

Ace Gangster

Ace Gangster is a GTA game that you will surely love. This game is not only very similar to the first two parts of the best series, but it is more attractive than them. The main objective in Ace Gangster is very simple: collect as much money as possible, reach the highest Ace Gangster rand and own this city. Enjoy the game and share your achievements with friends on social networks.
In Ace Gangster, you discover MadAlley City, you can go wherever you want, steal anything you want, kill innocent people, deal with police and perform a number of missions. Finally, you will get a status, you can just be a thief, an attacker, a terrorist, a driver, a taxi driver, a delivery person, a street racer, a murder police, a private hackers … If you are stealing a car, you should complete a minigame, as in GTA Chinatown Wars, but if the police see you, they will try to catch you. Now pass the desired level: many different things will increase your desire level, such as chasing pedestrians, causing explosions, killing police, driving police cars, attacking some buildings, steals and so on. If you want to level up, the police will chase you, avoid them and stay away from them.
There are also many other miracles that you cannot find in GTA and GTA 2. You can deposit money in a bank, so the police can’t take it even if you break, you can explode. Constructions and become terrorists, just enter the building and plant it, bombs will explode after 5 seconds, you can attack offices and raid banks to collect some money or take valuable items in Ace Gangster.

How to play Ace Gangster

- Arrow keys to move
– Space key to action
– Z key to enter the building
– Keys 1 – 4 to select a weapon
– Mouse to aim and shoot