Adventures of LOLO 2 Game

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Adventures of LOLO 2 HTML5

Adventures of LOLO 2

Adventures of Lolo 2 is a puzzle game for all ages. This is another journey full of puzzles and traps.

Your task in the Adventures of LOLO 2 game is to overcome the pitfalls by solving puzzles. Several monster graphics are drawn differently, mostly Gol, Rocky, Skull, Medusa and Don Medusa. Other differences include new puzzles and higher difficulty, with some taken from old games in the Eggerland series.

The game has a total of 50 different puzzle rooms; Players face King Egger at the end. In addition, there are four hidden Pro puzzle rooms, for those who want to try very challenging rooms. Improved graphics, increased difficulty, and a few new tricks and techniques will help you guess every funny moment.

How to play the Adventures of LOLO 2 game

Use mouse to play game