Age of War 2 Game

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Age of War 2 HTML5

Age of War 2

Age of War 2

Age of War 2 is an exciting combination of defense and strategy. In the game, you will use the strategy to help the prehistoric enemies win and gradually evolved into modern people.
The prehistoric war will last from one era to another during its evolution. The game is divided into 5 eras. You will move on to the next era if enough experience points. To gain experience, players need to destroy as many enemies as possible.
The task of the player in the Age of War 2 game is to destroy the “lair” of the enemy and protect his stronghold. Build battle units, defensive towers and use supportive powers like fireballs to repel an enemy attack. The deciding factor in winning this game is that you must have a strategy and unlock new defense units and vehicles.

Features of game Age of War 2

The game consists of two important parts including the status bar and the battlefield. On the status bar there will be 4 small sections: Prehistoric units, Turret, Special Support and Upgrade.
Units: This is where you can create new battle units. Use your mouse over the icon to see the feature and how to unlock it. Units in the initial game screen include: Support, Infantry, Anti, Heavy. Units will evolve over time until they become modern people and equipped with advanced weapons.
Turret: Click on the icons to see features and descriptions of turrets. There will be artillery with smaller damage but will take longer. When building a tower, you need to have room in your cave. The maximum number of towers you can build is 4 towers. To upgrade and build a new tower, you need to sell the old one by clicking the Sell Turret button.
Specials: Special support that allows you to unleash powerful attacks such as massive “rain” of fireballs. To use Specials, players will need experience… These special attacks are very strong and can destroy a large force of enemies. However, be careful because if you abuse too many Specials, the evolution of your troops will be slowed down, and it will be easier to lose to the increasingly stronger enemy.
Upgrades: The upgrade in the game Age of War is extremely important. Make sure you have a certain amount of money to be able to upgrade combat units and gain the advantage in battle.
Battleground: The battlefield is where all the actions of both teams take place. Your card will be on the left side of the screen, and the enemy card will be on the right.