Age of War 4 Game

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Age of War 4 HTML5

Age of War 4

Age of War 4

Age of War 4 is a special version of the War of age game, which is why we allow you to explore, try to create your own battalion of soldiers, the soldiers that you will then Must send in prehistoric times, where war was given for food, rich land, and water to survive. A new element is also included in this game, namely this time you must know that you can build your own MANA, the substance that allows you to have a large number of fighters on the battlefield.
Lead massive armies into epic battles against dragons, monsters and players from around the world in the most addictive interactive strategy game! Are you ready for an action-packed adventure?
After earning specific experience points by slaughtering multiple enemies, players can go to the Skill Upgrade Menu to purchase possible skills. These skills can afford to protect their fortress more effectively by helping summon stronger armies and building a better base defense system. So do not ignore these upgrades.
In the game, you can access the Skill Confirmation Menu where you can see 20 different skills that can help you win every battle. First, you must use the Special attack – upgrade your special attack, eliminate the battlefield with arrows, the upgrade costs 3000 EXP.

How to play Age of War 4

Arrows – a standard arrow with fast reload speed. Upgrade to create a powerful obstacle. Mana Stock to upgrade your mana from 50 to 100 / sec. Fire arrows – a fire arrow pierces the enemy and explodes when fully upgraded. Barriers – allows to create a protective fence in front of your tower and it costs 2000 EXP. Blue dragons – stronger dragons, flying units, freezing enemies with their icy breath. Castle’s Health – boost your castle’s health to endure more penalties. Light Elves – goblins are light armored units with the sword’s elegant mastery. Thunder Arrow – the thunder power of lightning strikes through this piercing arrow.