Aground Game

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Aground HTML5



Aground is an extremely interesting survival game. You are trapped in an uninhabited land and you must try to survive against the dangerous elements along with the approaching storm. In the game you will meet the remaining survivors on the land, you can help them or cooperate with them to complete the tasks set out. Instructions will appear continuously to help you complete the task.
You will collect resources like wood and stone and then use this material to build a shelter. Then you will meet a few friends and they will support, give advice to you. Continue to collect resources, food, berries to perform the next task. The resources could be right on the ground, maybe deep underground, you need to dig to find it. Or you kill animals for meat, which can attack and injure you. Or picking fruits on the wrong trees … Each task has specific instructions, you just need to search for all the requirements set out.
The land is very vast, the resources in it are also extremely rich, but must go away from where you reside. You need to equip yourself with the necessary things to exploit remote resources. Along the way, you may encounter a lot of wildlife and deadly traps, there will also be people you can ask for useful information from that person, or buy weapons from them.
You will have a power bar, this bar will indicate your health status, if you let it exhausted then it will be impossible to complete the task.
This game is extremely interesting, will bring players great entertainment moments.

How to play Aground

Aground has a lot of instructions while playing, the keys needed to use are also noted on the screen, which will make it easier to play. The control keys in this game are as follows:
Arrow keys to Move
Space bar to Defend
Mouse to Interact
V to Inventory
E to Equiptment
C to Attack
Q to Quest
Up arrow to Enter
Z to Action
M to Mute