Air Warfare 3d Game

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Air Warfare 3d HTML5

Air Warfare 3d

Air Warfare 3d

Air Warfare 3d is an aircraft combat game. You are the pilot who controls your fighter plane to fight with aerial opponents.

There are many aircraft to choose from, you will choose among the best aircraft to play, each aircraft has its own combat capabilities. Control your aircraft forward and aim at other aircraft while avoiding the attack of other aircraft. You will be involved in the rain of extremely interesting bullets. The more enemies you shoot down, the higher you will get. You will fight continuously without stopping day and night, going through snowy areas or dark nights full of stars.
There are 4 powerful jet fighters in modern warfare: F-16C Fighting Falcon (USAF), F-15E Strike Eagle (USAF), Sukhoi SU30MKK Fighting Falcon (Russian) and Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG 21 Grand piano .

Along with 2 weapons systems:

Gun: 1 × 20 mm (0.787 in) M61A1 Vulcan 6-barrel cannon, 511-barrel barrel

Missile: AIM-120, AIM-9L, R-77, R-27T

And you have 4 different views: flight view, real cockpit view, gun view, review mode

At the end of the battle you can share your best score on the leaderboards. Play with social media to debate with friends and see who is the best pilot and who can dominate the air.

This game is completely free to play, so you can join the game at any time, now it has a large number of players.

How to play Air Warfare 3d game

Air Warfare 3d needs a combination of lots of characters

W/S: acceleration/deceleration

A/D: roll left/roll right

I/up arrow: pitch down

K /down arrow: pitch up

J/L: yaw left/yaw right

Q: switch special missiles

E: switch targets

Shift: open fire

R: switch minimap

Space bar: launch missile

V: change view

This game has a lot of characters to play, so you need to memorize these characters to use them when needed, and memorization also helps you fight better to get closer to the best fighters.