Air Wars 2 Game

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Air Wars 2 HTML5

Air Wars 2

Air Wars 2

Air Wars 2 is an aircraft battle over many complex terrains. This is the second game in the series of aerial fighter games, originally released as Unity and PC games in December 2016. As a game genre for speed lovers, like Machines and like to fight. You can fight other players from different parts of the sky to defeat other players and capture their flags.

Before participating in the air battle you need to design your aircraft, then launch the aircraft carrier to participate in the fierce battle. Fly your plane over rugged terrain on land or at sea, following the direction of flags to steal it. In addition to avoiding obstacles that can be skyscrapers … you also have to avoid enemy bombs. Try not to let the opponent hurt and destroy yourself.

Level up to unlock more planes, you can upgrade your plane with earned cash. So you kill lots of opponents, earn many flags to gain more points, convenient for upgrades.

The game has many levels, each of which gives you a different difficulty level and will help you train your combat ability, become an invincible aircraft.

This fighting game is free to play and unlimited of time or age, along with its appeal, has brought a huge number of players and is greatly increasing.

This game is always improved to fit the user experience so please update regularly for new versions.

How to play  Air Wars 2 game

Air Wars 2 has very simple flight controls, just use the following character keys:

WASD: control movement of aircraft.

Left mouse: shoot your weapon.

C: enter cockpit

The game brings great experiences for players with extremely simple gameplay. In addition to this battle game, at our website there are many interesting games waiting for you. If you like this game, please introduce it to your friends.