Alien Attack Team 2 Game

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Alien Attack Team 2 HTML5

Alien Attack Team 2

Alien Attack Team 2

Alien Attack Team 2 is the sequel to the survival fighting shooter. In this part, you will still join a team to destroy the forces of aliens that have attacked Earth.
Aliens have attacked the Earth and they set up bases here, with a huge number of troops capable of moving fast, running and jumping and are all trained soldiers. They come from all directions, the massive attacks leave you bewildered and slightly confused vision.
Your character is equipped with a gun, armor and he also has the ability to move quickly, jump, fly and shoot … His gun has a limited number of bullets, so you need to use it’s the right way. There are weapons and powers … appearing in the game, you can collect to use, it helps you gain more power and increase the ability to destroy enemies. Especially with a giant robot shell, you can wear on and continue fighting with enemies, when becoming a giant you will move more easily, kill enemies easier and when you touch objects If you explode, you will still save your life
Each level has a different setting, there are many enemies with different powers and many weapons can be collected. The difference and newness of each level will bring players new and exciting feelings for the game.
This is a fast-paced fighting game that requires the player to have a flexible reaction, destroying the enemy quickly and accurately. The regular practice will make it easier for you to overcome the matches and become the best player, have the highest score, kill all aliens and protect the earth’s peace.
This part of the interface has been greatly improved, looks more beautiful and more professional, has specific characters to guide you to get weapons and use, the content is also much more new and more attractive.

How to play  Alien Attack Team 2

Alien Attack Team 2 uses the control characters keys easily:
Control: WASD = Move, Q = Switch weapons, R = Reload, D + S = Slide, 2xW = Double jump.
This shooting action game will keep you entertained very well. This is one of the selected shooters at our website, it will definitely not disappoint you. Wish you happy gaming.