Alien Attack Team 3 Game

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Alien Attack Team 3 HTML5

Alien Attack Team 3

Alien Attack Team 3

Alien Attack Team 3 is the third part of the survival fighting game. In this part, you will still join a team to destroy the forces of aliens who have attacked Earth by shooting accurately at them.
Aliens have attacked Earth with a huge number of troops capable of fighting flexibly. They come from many directions, come running, flying down and shooting at you, they just charge towards you.
Your character is equipped with guns, armor and has been trained a lot before joining the battle … In the process of destroying the enemy will appear weapons, armor and many things that are beneficial to You, you can collect to use, it helps you gain more power and increase the ability to destroy enemies.
There are many levels in this game, after defeating a certain number of enemies you will unlock the next level. Each level has many enemies with different powers and many weapons can be collected and the scenery is also different. The freshness of each level will bring players new and exciting feelings for the game.
The game is fast-paced, requires players to have a flexible reaction, kill the enemy quickly and accurately and need regular practice to become a skilled shooter. Destroy all aliens and protect the earth’s peace.
More beautiful interface, more vivid sound, more engaging story.
This game is completely free and it has many bloody violent images so it is not recommended for children to play this game, because they do not have much awareness and will easily learn to affect the psychological and psychological of you.

How to play Alien Attack Team 3

Alien Attack Team 3 is played with the following controls: Controls: WASD = Move, Q = Switch weapons, R = Reload, D + S = Slide, 2xW = Double jump.
Join the game and enjoy the exciting moments that it brings to you.