Alien Attack Team Game

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Alien Attack Team HTML5

Alien Attack Team

Alien Attack Team

Alien Attack Team is a survival fighting shooting game. In this shooting action game, you will join a team to destroy the forces of aliens who have attacked Earth.
Aliens in huge numbers, they have the ability to move quickly, run and jump and are equipped with guns to kill you. They come from all directions, rushing attacks makes you bewildered and lose your temper.
Your character is equipped with a weapon that is a gun, armor and he also has the ability to run very quickly. His gun has a limited number of bullets, so you need to use it properly. During the game, there will be weapons and protective gear you appear, go to collect and equip yourself to have more strength and increase the ability to destroy enemies. There are several levels you will be assisted by one or several teammates, they will help you kill enemies faster.
Each level has a different setting, many enemies with different strengths and many weapons can be collected.
A fast-paced shooting game, which requires the player to respond flexibly, devise effective tactics to overcome poison gas levels and win.
Equip your character, upgrade accessories for weapons so you can fight better and fight hard to win, bringing peace to the Earth.
Shooting game will definitely bring a lot of fun for you, entertaining you effectively and killing time very well.

How to play  Alien Attack Team

Alien Attack Team is simple to play, using the keys below:
Control: WASD = Move, Q = Switch weapons, R = Reload, D + S = Slide, 2xW = Double jump. At first you will need to play some time with the joystick, after getting used to it, you will be very interested. The game will help you have effective relaxing moments after a long day of studying and working hard. Wish you happy gaming.