Amigo Coyote Game

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Amigo Coyote HTML5

Amigo Coyote

Amigo Coyote

Coyote is a wolf – loyal friend of celebrity Amigo Pancho. Coyote stuck to the bottom of a canyon deep in a terrifying land, Coyote wanted to escape from this land, but he only had two balloons.
Your mission in the game is not just to help Coyote out of the abyss at least once in time by removing obstacles along the way and flying to the sky with his two balloons. But be careful, because you will lose if the great Coyote balloons explode, do not let the evil cactus bubbles touch the ball. Please help him escape using his bubble. Pay attention to keep his balloons intact, it’s a very long way. So avoid objects with thorns or cacti and other dangers that can explode balloons.
The interesting point in Amigo Coyote is that you can click to delete the objects in the map. You can remove wooden crates to create a safe path and help Coyote fly to the sky. However, you cannot remove some objects, such as rocks and cacti. Note: If the cactus touches two Coyote balls, the two balls will explode. But Coyote can still fly to the sky with only one balloon.
Amigo Coyote has physical elements and this is the key to complete the level. When you start the level, your score will decrease. So you need to help Coyote complete the level as quickly as possible. The game has 25 levels, each level being a challenge for you.
Tips and tricks:
At the top of the game, the screen is your level and score.
In some levels, you need to use rocks as a shield to pass guns.

How to play Amigo Coyote

Using the mouse, click on objects to make them disappear and help Coyote to complete the level