Ancient planet Game

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Ancient planet HTML5

Ancient planet

Ancient planet

Ancient Planet is a very popular strategy game. One of the reasons for the popularity of the Ancient Planet is that they are easy to play. You can play the whole game with a simple click.
In Ancient Planet, you must protect the last village of ancient civilization from alien invaders. Learn all the ancient powerful technologies, develop buildings, strengthen your fortress and repel an attack of alien pirates.
Of course as in every strategy, you need to monitor your resources and replenish them on time. New possibilities are opening with our money mod. These are: speed up the construction of structures, new weapons, new types of forces and more. The game becomes more interesting and more interesting!
– Build towers in any free area on the field
– 40 unique levels
– Lots of diverse enemies with their own features
– The game offers upgraded towers, as well as everything else. New improvements allow the selection of special strategies for each level. Even facilities can be upgraded
– Improvements can be reset and distributed at will, it’s free and you get all your emeralds back
– The plot is based on the memories of veterans in intergalactic battles
– Our artist visited the ancient planet to recreate its image in the game
– The character’s voice sounds exactly like the real person
– The game was developed by the order of the High Council of the intelligent civilizations of the galaxy

How to play Ancient planet

Use the left mouse button to attack