Aquacreep Game

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Aquacreep HTML5


Aquacreep is a game of investigation with many mysteries to be discovered. In Aquacreep, you control Dean as a member of a marine investigation team. A transformation takes control of one of your team members. Using your investigative skills, you must solve mysteries and defeat the shape-shifter. Move Dean across the dock and into the different buildings. In each building, you can interact with many other objects and characters to find clues. With limited resources, you have to be careful and careful who you can trust, and who you can find for help. Once you’ve got your weapon, remember not to shoot around to avoid killing the wrong person. Join Aquacreep to start the investigation.

How to play

WASD = Swimming

AD = Go for a walk

S = Talking

W = Interact with object

Mouse = shoot

Shift = Shift weapon