Army of Ages 2 Game

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Army of Ages 2 HTML5

Army of Ages 2

Army of Ages 2

Army of Ages 2 is the sequel to the popular fighting game. In this part you will still develop bases, build towers to create more powerful armies and defeat the enemies.
Your area is being invaded by enemies and you must prevent this invasion by all means. They came in large numbers with dangerous weapons. It appears constantly and towards your tower.
You will start with the simplest things: the Stone Age and your units include the spear and catapult user along with some dinosaurs and grow your army until you have enough ability to fight the enemy. The forces of the enemy and yours are similar armies. Because you fight at your tower, so you will get the support of a gun above the tower and you can create soldiers to destroy them. The number of troops you create will overwhelm them.
After defeating the enemy you will receive a bonus, use this money to create troops and buy upgrades for your tower. When the tower is upgraded, your army will become stronger along with more dangerous weapons.
As you kill enemies and evolve to the next stage, you will also earn experience points. You can use experience points in two ways. There are other periods that are medieval, classical and modern, each with their attacks together with different armies.
When you defeat the invading enemy and create a large number of soldiers, you can now lead your army to destroy the enemy tower. Thanks to this feature, the game becomes even more attractive.
Control over 50 units and turrets and build your army to defeat the monsters in this strategy battle game.

How to play Army of Ages 2

Army Of Ages 2 uses arrows to move the camera and use Space to select your base, left click to make upgrades as well as create troops.