Army Of Ages Game

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Army Of Ages HTML5

Army Of Ages

Army Of Ages

Army Of Ages is an extremely interesting tower defense game. Your mission is to build units and develop your base to defeat the enemies.
Your planet is being invaded by aliens and you must prevent this invasion by all means. Aliens have advanced technology, but this planet is yours, you have the power and terrain advantage so you can get ready to face them.
You will start with the simplest things (stone age and your units including the spear and catapult user) along with some dinosaurs and grow your army until you have Sufficient ability to fight aliens.
You need to build towers to start the training units. These towers need to use money to build and make money by sending collectors to one of the three wells on the map. Your collector collects water and converts it into money, the farther away he is, the more money he earns. As you kill aliens and evolve to the next stage, you will also earn experience points. You can use experience points in two ways. The Stone Age allows you to summon an asteroid to destroy a group of enemies. There are other periods: medieval, classical and modern, each with different attacks. You have to check all of them to see if you should delete buildings and put new ones.
Control over 50 units and turrets and build your army to defeat the monsters in this strategy battle game.

How to play  Army Of Ages

Army Of Ages uses arrows to move the camera, Space to select your base. Use a combination of armies to destroy all enemies and win each battle. In addition to this game, our website has many other interesting games. If you like this game you can share it with your friends to play and wish you will have fun relaxing moments with this game.