Atlantis Quest Game

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Atlantis Quest HTML5

Atlantis Quest

Atlantis Quest

Atlantis Quest is a challenging puzzle game, taking you on an exciting adventure around ancient Mediterranean land with the ultimate goal of finding the lost Atlantis continent. As an archaeologist exploring each country, your job is to collect precious pieces of artifacts, such as Nebuchadnezzar’s shield. When assembled, it will reveal clues to your next location and take you one step closer to find the mysterious Atlantis city.
Atlantis Quest is based on the classic diamond game mechanics with a new twist, making this Match-3 seem familiar. Extremely addictive game. In Atlantis Quest, you must restore a lost amphora. Align the elements of the game board horizontally or vertically, in blocks of three or more and bring the pieces of amphora at the bottom of the board to retrieve them. If the blocks consist of more than three squares, you will earn more points. One or several pieces of amphora are hidden in each level, don’t forget them. Time is running out, if you don’t finish before you finish, you will start over. Happiness, special actions are hidden to help you overcome your pursuit.
Are you ready to join the adventure and discovery journey yet. Now, embark on a journey around Ancient Greece, Babylon, Carthage, Egypt and Rome in search of the greatest mystery, the lost city of Atlantis. Game Atlantis Quest has 76 levels and many more features.

How to play Atlantis Quest

Use the left mouse button to play