Avatar Arena Game

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Avatar Arena HTML5

Avatar Arena

Avatar Arena

Avatar Arena is a fighting game genre against the context of the arena, where the competition between the top martial artists from 4 different schools but living in harmony under the rule by Avatar Kyoshi, the leader of these 4 sects.
But one day, the disappearance of Avatar led to a fierce battle lasting a century. This is really a fierce arena, the opponents will have to fight hard to become the martial arts galaxy and will be immortal forever.
Join Avatar Arena, victory and become the world martial arts galaxy is your task in this game. Your goal is to destroy the rival stronghold before they do so to you. You can use defensive spells to increase the defense of your stronghold. One is that you win and become the king of the battlefield, the other is the defeated. With the double mode, you can play Avatar Arena and challenge your friends.
To accomplish this goal, you first need to choose a school you love, create a character of your own and practice the techniques. Show off your own martial arts power, defeat opponents, and become the world’s first.
Avatar Arena is an extremely good mini-game genre, you will have to play the role of a character that you have chosen and fight with other characters, moves and attacks to be very special with the ending. Smoothly with the keys, you are spoiled that way to destroy the enemy.

How to play Avatar Arena

Use the arrow keys to move
Space key to attack