Avatar Fortress Fight 2 Game

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Avatar Fortress Fight 2 HTML5

Avatar Fortress Fight 2

Avatar Fortress Fight 2

Avatar Fortress Fight 2 belongs to the war game series, after great success from the first version so far, people will experience new interesting things in this version. With new upgrades, players can protect their fortress from the onslaught of mighty enemies and quickly break the opposite fortress to win the fastest in these exciting and exciting games.
Choose to defend Earth Country, Fire Country or Country Country and get tied up in Avatar Fortress Fight 2. Each country has a special bendability for you to choose to help you protect your fortress and kill enemies. kill the enemy. Strategy, execute and master your goals to gain control of the battlefield and defeat the rival nations. This version will launch fireballs and many other things in other villages. Trying to take down their dojo by launching weapons and combining martial arts and magic, this series is a punch.
In this game, you will have many special adventures and all you have to try your best to beat all the opponents to collect more points. A very important point in this game is that if you do well, you can have the opportunity to be in the top best players. Throw your rocks towards your opponent’s castle to quickly destroy them before they destroy you. Become a player to win against every formidable opponent with the 2-player mode available.

How to play Avatar Fortress Fight 2

Use the mouse to aim. Click and hold to adjust the power of your shot. Select new weapons, the bullets have the strong offensive power to deal maximum damage to enemies.