Avatar Fortress Fight Game

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Avatar Fortress Fight HTML5

Avatar Fortress Fight

Avatar Fortress Fight

Join the game Avatar Fortress Fight to destroy the fortress of the enemy before they destroy yours. Choose your favorite element and unleash your fury for this energetic game. Aim your trebuchet, choose your ammo and let it fly. Use the power of the elements to waste your enemies while defending your own fortress.
In Avatar Fortress Fight, you will choose one of three war nations: Fire Nation, Water Tribe, and Earth Kingdom. Your goal is to destroy the forces of the enemies before they can destroy you. Avatar Fortress Fight is a physics-based turn-based fighting game based on the popular anime Avatar: The Last Air Bender. In this game, the two opposing sides throw stones, soccer balls and cannons at each other. The game can also be played with two players in one computer.
You can easily track the castle of the enemy from the “Look” section. Select the bullet and send it to the enemy’s castle. You can check your status and enemies from the “Damage Points” section. All controls in this game are provided only with “Mouse”.

How to play Avatar Fortress Fight

The only controller you need to use is your mouse. By moving it around, you can adjust the throw angle. You should then balance it with the amount of energy by holding the Left button and releasing it to fire.
For rockets that you can launch, there are three types. Small ones are the most accurate, but they cause the least damage. The average size will expand into three, covering a larger area. And the biggest will produce the most destruction, but they are the least accurate.
Choose your steps wisely! You cannot use the same bullet twice in a row.