Awesome Pirates Game

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Awesome Pirates HTML5

Awesome Pirates

Awesome Pirates

Awesome Pirates is an interesting and interesting game that is loved by many people.
You live in a fortress on an island with many treasures, there are pirates looting on the horizon heading straight to your island, they move on the ship approaching the island to find ways to attack to Find hidden treasures. What can you do to protect yourself and others on the island from these thieves?
Your mission in the Awesome Pirates game is to protect your fortress by using cannons to prevent pirates from invading. See the location of the great Pirates, aim carefully and accurately to destroy them before they destroy the fortress and plunder your property. Mount the cannon on the top of your fortress wall and shoot straight at the pirate ship. This will hit them and make them weak / dead but there will be more so you need to upgrade your cannon always. The money you earn from destroying pirates will be added to your wallet and you can use them to buy some extra firepower to protect your island. In this turn-based game, pirates will have a chance to shoot you back, so upgrade your weapons to ensure they are stronger. If you leave them close, these pirates will overturn your beautiful island and steal all your treasure before fleeing to find another place to plunder.
Awesome Pirates game has many levels to play. Use your gold to upgrade your cannon in level.

Features of game Awesome Pirates

• Turn on the game
• Many levels to play
• Upgrade for your cannon Interactive game
How to play the Awesome Pirates game
Use Enter to fire a cannon.
Use Space to scroll through and see the location of enemy pirates. Spend your gold to upgrade your cannon between rounds.