Awesome Planes Game

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Awesome Planes HTML5

Awesome Planes

Awesome Planes

Awesome Planes is a survival and shooting based game. In this shooting game, you will control an aircraft. Your mission in this shooting game is to defeat other aircraft. The game contains 2 playing modes. You can either click the survival button or the play button to start the game. However, if you are playing this game for the first time, the survival button will not be clickable for you. You need to finish the game first. Use your plane to create utter chaos in different locations. You have been given orders from up the chain of command to carry out a mission and eliminate all the enemies in the air. You can use the mouse and learn how to aim and shoot so the more you play the better you become. As your kill streak begins you amass points and unlock upgrades which can be used to improve your fighter jet, this will make you an unstoppable killing machine in the air. Awesome planes use flash plugins to work seamlessly on your browser so you can have an enjoyable game. Make sure to destroy your enemies before you are shot out of the air too. Use upgrades wisely and outfit yourself for each mission. You’ll have planeloads of fun playing this mission game where your plane is a terror in the skies.

How to play Awesome Planes

In Awesome Planes, as the game controls, you should use the space bar, Q, E, 1 to 4 number keys and your mouse. Your aircraft will follow the mouse cursor, so you can move your aircraft by moving your mouse. When you get a boost, you can use it by pressing the space bar. Besides that, you can choose weapons by using the 1 to 4 number keys or the Q and E keys. Lastly, for shooting other aircraft, you need to hold the left mouse button.