Awesome Tanks 3 Game

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Awesome Tanks 3 HTML5

Awesome Tanks 3

Awesome Tanks 3

Awesome Tanks 3 is the third version of the Awesome Tanks game series, this is a classic 2D tank shooting game with a top-down perspective with a completely new graphics, physical engine.
Your mission in the game Awesome Tanks 3 is to smash enemy tanks, destroy bosses, find secret rooms full of bonuses.
Create your own levels in the Level Editor and share it with everyone. In the game, you will control your tank to participate in an extremely fierce arena, experiencing many consecutive battles with opponents in the arena. You control your tank skillfully shot down your opponent to be able to reach the final stage in the game. Collect coins to upgrade the tank’s stats, buy and improve weapons
Belonging to the shooter genre, a combination of classic Tank shooter, mouse control style as well as a much nicer design, Awesome Tank 3 will bring you many interesting and interesting feelings. If in the classic game, you can only move in straight lines, horizontal, now, you can move freely by position. The gun system is very rich, you just need to fight, make money to buy them. Besides, you also have to upgrade the fighting power of your tank, because otherwise, you can not fight the enemy with huge tanks with strange bullets.
In the game, you will have to destroy bunkers, mines in the enemy territory. During the match, the enemy will hide in the dark, you are in the light. You must be careful, reviewing every step. If you accidentally break the bunker, it means you have dropped the enemy out of control, and they will attack you if you are not ready.

How to play game Awesome Tanks 3

Use the mouse to play game
The game has a simple interface but very beautiful, rich content promises to bring you moments of entertainment very refreshing.
Quickly join the game and show your fighting ability to conquer the levels in Awesome Tanks 3.