Baby Hazel Newborn Baby 2 Game

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Baby Hazel Newborn Baby 2 HTML5

Baby Hazel Newborn Baby 2

Baby Hazel Newborn Baby 2

Baby Hazel Newborn Baby 2 is the sequel to the baby care game. Hazel wants to be a good sister and take care of her newborn brother, baby Matt and she needs your help.
Baby Hazel is excited to spend time with her newborn brother, little Matt, helping her to take care of Matt and keep him happy by meeting all his needs.
Hazel’s mother is very busy and in this part Hazel will have to take care of you alone. Hazel has a lot of homework to do and she has to do her homework together with taking care of her little baby, the atmosphere makes Hazel mad and she has to calm down. Quickly do things that make her brother comfortable to continue studying and completing the game.
There are many levels in this game, each level being each different job. Maybe she had to calm her from crying by providing toys for her, when she dirty her diaper she would have to change her diaper, get her clothes …
Hazel can go shopping and help her choose nice outfits and accessories to go out with her family and enjoy many fun activities and games.
She is in her mother’s room and has a lot of makeup, as a mischievous little girl she will try all of her mother’s clothes to make the baby happy.
When her parents return, she will give her compliments for taking good care of her.
Introduce his lovely newborn brother to her friends.
After Hazel finishes her work, she will get bonus points, the better it is, the higher the reward.
Complete all levels to conquer this game, and discover many interesting things about how to take care of your baby.

How to play Baby Hazel Newborn Baby 2

Baby Hazel Newborn Baby 2 uses the mouse to perform actions. The game will bring you lots of fun and excitement, help you relieve stress and fatigue after a long working day.