Baby Hazel Newborn Baby Game

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Baby Hazel Newborn Baby HTML5

Baby Hazel Newborn Baby

Baby Hazel Newborn Baby

Baby Hazel Newborn Baby is a game that does all the baby care activities to make Hazel happy.
Baby Hazel was excited when she had another younger brother, eagerly waiting for her father and mother and her younger brother on their way home. While Hazel waited for her parents to come home, she did a lot of activities to make herself happy, such as turning on the television, watching candy, calling friends to hang out to welcome her younger brother.
When her brother came home, she did everything to take care of him, from preparing the bed, comforting the crying baby, playing with the baby …
After Hazel spent the whole day playing and pampering her younger brother, now that it’s time for him to go to bed, Hazel will do everything for her younger brother to sleep best. She will help her to help her mother, soothe her baby to stop crying by playing games. If the baby cries too much, she will come to tell her mother, she comes to feed him or hand a diaper. Mum will teach Hazel how to take care of her, from changing diapers, letting her play, reading her lullabies, wrapping her with a nappies, covering her with a blanket, turning on the night light, turning off the light, turning on the music box for her baby have deeper sleep.
After Hazel finishes her work, she will get bonus points, the better it is, the higher the reward.
Complete all levels to conquer this game, and discover many interesting things about how to take care of your baby, from playing along to letting them sleep …

How to play  Baby Hazel Newborn Baby

Baby Hazel Newborn Baby uses mice to interact and perform actions against others. The game will bring you many interesting surprises, and you will always feel happy.