Bad Ice Cream 5 Game

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Bad Ice Cream 5 HTML5

Bad Ice Cream 5

Bad Ice Cream 5

Bad Ice Cream 5 is a very addictive and interesting flash game which offers you a lot of different levels and maps and truly addictive gameplay. This game is for those who love ice-cream – you must collect all fruit for your ice-cream and at the same time keep away from enemies. Destroy the blocks and run as fast as you can to get on time. To begin the game, the player must choose an ice cream to say, vanilla, chocolate or strawberry and then proceed to get all the various fruit selections without being eaten up by the wild animals that are roaming around. The player must also avoid hitting wild animals. There are a lot of obstacles in a stage and they include ice blocks, rolling log traps, and dangerous bulls that must be overcome.
In playing Bad Ice Cream 5 game there are some basic rules that you need to obey. Once you have loaded the game completely, the next thing is to start playing. The arrow keys will be used to move the ice cream in any direction you desire. Also, the space bar is the activation key that is used to break the ice if you are trapped in it and find your way out. You then proceed to collect as many fruits as you can in order to get more points. To move to the next level, you need to collect all the fruits at the present level.
As you might expect, each level comes with its own difficulty and challenges and the higher you go the tougher it becomes. Hang on, here are some tips you might need to stay alive in this game. The most important of these is that you should not attempt to kill the enemy as you cannot. So just avoid them. You also can use the space bar to create Ice walls to trap the enemy and this should be your target
Enjoy playing the complete edition of the Bad Ice-Cream 5 for free.

How to play Bad Ice Cream 5

Player 1: Move: ARROWs Action: SPACE
Player 2: Move: WASD, Action: Q