Battle for the Galaxy Game

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Battle for the Galaxy HTML5

Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy is a dramatic and compelling game of building and fighting collecting enemies’ resources.
In the game you need to build a base, create an army, attack the enemies and collect their resources. You need to build your economy and create buildings to improve your resource creation, build an army, and upgrade your technology.
Then use the army you build to attack the enemy’s base to steal their resources to earn XP or to destroy the enemies coming to invade. Build a variety of different armies to capture enemy walls, defenses, and structures, for example, standard infantry can increase damage while grenades need cover and are perfect for firing. into the defensive turret. After you defeat the enemy base, you will gain loot there, use them to upgrade your buildings, upgrade more troops … Continue repeating the destruction. Destroy enemies to gain trophies and upgrade your base camp both in buildings and armies. Create a strong city that no one can destroy.
Your troops will automatically fight when the enemy comes to attack and go to capture and defeat other bases. Destroy all enemy bases to take control of the entire land, and become the strongest in that area.
The game is suitable for those who love the genre of action, like to conquer and build …
This game has a beautiful interface combined with vivid sound along with unique content will bring players moments of entertainment fun.
This game is highly addictive, now there are many people playing this game, this game can be played anytime, anywhere.

How to play Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy will bring you extremely interesting experiences, from building, creating troops to capturing enemy bases. The game is performed through the following operations: Left click to interact with objects and buildings. Left click to deploy troops during a battle.