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Battle Gear 3 HTML5

Battle Gear 3

Battle Gear 3

Battle Gear 3 is the third installment of the Battle Gear fighting game series that has been released and can please reviewers. This is a military game filled with all kinds of war elements. Your mission is to destroy the enemy’s military base and protect your own camp.
Military background is ok, but need not be classified, there are other Defense Games that excel in this obvious aspect. Battle Gear 3 still has its appeal and if you’re not afraid of clicks against AI, this could be your bet. Also of good quality is the share of research and construction.
Now, single player mode is included as well as campaign mode, as big as ever. All of which will attract players for a long time.
If you are new to playing, you should carefully read the tips and tricks before playing to get the highest victory. It may be difficult for you to get started, but it only takes a short time to get used to it.
The game is completely free and gives you lots of value for entertainment as well as kill free time.
The game is suitable for all ages and you can play online or offline, play whenever you want anywhere on your mobile device, tablet or PC.

How to play Battle Gear 3

Battle Gear 3 is played with a mouse and keyboard. Use the arrow keys to scroll through the field and with the numeric keypad you can send units to build or armies to fight. In a one-player game, it all seems pretty easy, but in the world campaign, it’s getting tough, you’ll have to stand on the battlefield and research units, form armies and defend Protecting your own territory is your job. The number of squads you own is just as important as the type of units you’ve sent to fight.