Battle Gear Game

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Battle Gear HTML5

Battle Gear

Battle Gear

Battle Gear is a very interesting military combat game that uses a combination of war elements such as armored vehicles, soldiers and weapons. Your mission in the game is to protect your base camp and destroy the enemy’s military base.
The battle terrain is a vast space with two blocks of you and the enemy, each with the same abilities. You can take the initiative to be the one to attack the opponent or become the defending team to protect the blockhouse. Buy armies, weapons, or armored vehicles to destroy enemy bunkers or protect them. When you buy weapons as well as soldiers (referred to as upgrades) you need to wait a while to complete the upgrade. It will then appear and automatically destroy the enemy. When defeating enemies you will receive additional points, use these points to buy upgrades. Form a strong army with high fighting power to destroy and destroy the entire bunker of the enemy.
On the enemy side, they have the same ability as you, that is to form a mighty army with a lot of soldiers along with powerful weapons and armored vehicles with high combat and damage capabilities, always ready. to fight with you or defend your blockhouse from your onslaught.
The attack will bring more advantages to you, but need to create a powerful army to win, by buying many upgrades on weapons, troops, armored vehicles with other destructive power. together.
Destroy all enemies and destroy its bunkers to win.

How to play Battle Gear

Battle Gear is played using the mouse with the following character keys: use the left / right arrow or A / D to scroll the field; Z, X and © to quickly scroll to the left, middle and right of the battlefield; Click unit to train or use 1-9 hotkeys; P to pause the game.