Battlecoast Game

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Battlecoast HTML5



Battlecoast – The evil pirates are trying to destroy your kingdom! Use weapons and upgrade your power to eliminate all of them.
What you think is a tornado on the horizon is actually an enemy fleet of ships heading towards you in this Battle Coast game!
Your island has been attacked by enemies. They come from the west and want to conquer your island. You have a watchtower with a large crossbow. Aim at the ship and upgrade your crossbow. The enemy will not survive. Victory will belong to us!
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Make sure to aim carefully and keep track of the speed of the ship and the arc of your shot. After each wave, you can upgrade your castle – you can improve stats like harpoon’s reload time and the damage it causes. Moreover, you can repair your tower and restore its HP. As you progress, enemies become more diverse and harder to destroy. Will you protect the coast successfully?
The wave after the enemy wave will crash into your obstacles, each time harder than the last. They will send small boats first, but soon you will deal with some serious warships! If you want to keep up, you will have to buy upgrades between rounds.

How to play Battlecoast

Move YOUR MOUSE to aim and click to shoot. Some boats take more than one hit to sink. Upgrade your crossbow and fix your tower between battles.
Power up your slug to shoot harder and deal more damage. Reduce reload time and, for the sake of good, patch the leaks in your tower! Battle Coast will not fall today!