Bear on a Scooter Game

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Bear on a Scooter HTML5

Bear on a Scooter

Bear on a Scooter

Bear on a Scooter is a funny, funny and hard game about a bear on his sea scooter. A bear is riding on a scooter on the beach. Your task will be to help the bear balance and drive on the beach.
You will become the best player in balancing on scooter. Interesting things are waiting for you. Are you ready to start the game? Remember the following skills. This game is for one player. You will play alone without playing against your opponent.
Perhaps he sneaked into a campsite and stole it from some sleeping lumberjack. Perhaps it fell off a truck driving in the forest. However, this bear has found it, he certainly will not let the scooter go anytime soon – he loves it! The only problem is, he’s a bit big for it, and not the most coordinated.
A bear is riding on a scooter on the beach. Will your task be to help the bear balance and drive on the beach? The game will give you more skills. Help you have better hands and better brain. You will do well. Use left and right arrow keys to control the bear. Be careful to keep the bear from slipping.
With vivid graphic design, cute bear on his scooter. You will feel comfortable playing games. Invite your friends to play the game on the weekend and don’t forget to share with them the interesting things in this game

How to play Bear on a Scooter

Use the arrow keys to balance the scooter. MIPO: Start by leaning forward (LEFT). Then press RIGHT to accelerate. But do not tilt too far or you will fall!
Once you really learn how to lean forward without being wiped out, you’ll push the score to triple digits in no time