Beavus Game

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Beavus HTML5



Beavus is a simple click game for beavers to collect logs and appear stumps with exit doors.
You will move, jump and collect all the logs. The faster and more accurate you move, the faster you will collect the logs. If the logs are high above you just jump up to get, if below you jump down, if on the opposite side you will let the beaver hit the wall and turn your head towards it. Then it will get the logs.
The logs here are located in different positions, above, below. The new levels make the position of the logs easier for the beaver to reach, but the higher the level, the more difficult and more dangerous. For example, when the beaver jumps downward to the ground, there is only a deep hole and it will take the beaver’s life.
When you collect all the logs, a tree with an emergency door will open, now you move to that tree to get into it and unlock for the next level.
This game has many levels for you to conquer, each level is a different challenge that is not boring.
The game has a simple interface, extremely lovely beaver character along with neat wooden logs but fun gameplay will give players an interesting feeling when playing.
The game is completely free, you do not have to pay for any activities from downloading and playing this game.
Suitable for all types of players moreover it also helps to train reflexes.

How to play  Beavus

Beavus left click, up arrow key or space for computer to jump and collect all logs to reveal tree stump with emergency exit. For visual sensors you will touch or swipe to jump. This game will entertain you very well after a day of study and work, and it also helps you kill your free time quickly.