Bejeweled Game

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Bejeweled HTML5



Bejeweled is an interesting puzzle game. Your task is to move each stone into rows of 3 identical stones. Then they immediately disappear and the top bullets will fall, allowing you to create more combos.
There is a board of many stones with different colors and shapes from blue, red, yellow, white … When you gather from 3 stones of the same color in horizontal or vertical rows or more, they will disappear and You scored points. A row of 3 stones of the same color you score 50 points, a row of 4 stones of the same color will score 150 points and you will have a magic stone, when you eat this stone you will get much bigger points. The combination of four or more gems will usually bring a big reward, like bombs or extra points, the more gems you combine, the higher the reward, the greater the score you score.
Complete each level by reaching the required score, then you will play at the next level. Each new level will have more attractive rewards along with more challenging challenges.
With this game you do not have limited time to play, so you can easily find the country of play, if you can not find a move, you have the right to use the help by clicking the button with the word Hint. There will be a suggestion for you, but the number of suggestions is limited so you need to use reasonably.
This game is very easy to play, so it is suitable for all players, even children can play this game well.

How to play Bejeweled

Bejeweled has a very simple gameplay, you just need to left-click or touch device, you touch the jewel to move and click or touch the location you want to move to. The two gems you plan to move should be placed side by side in horizontal or vertical rows.