Best Bout Boxing (Arcade) Game

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Best Bout Boxing (Arcade) HTML5

Best Bout Boxing (Arcade)

Best Bout Boxing (Arcade) is a great retro boxing game, facing other fighters to compete for the world heavyweight championship. The game offers seven boxers from around the world to choose from, each with their own movements. You must punch the opponent until he falls in the stands.

You can win with KO or technical KO. If time runs out before one of the boxers’ life bars is empty, a next round will take place. You can play solo or against a friend.

Best Bout Boxing (Arcade) is where many other boxing titles fell. If you are looking for big, daring, boxing fun with an arcade feel, you can do much worse than Best Bout Boxing (Arcade).

How to play

Arrrow = WASD

Button 1, 2, 3 = J, K, L

Button 4, 5, 6 = I, O, U