Big Bad Ape Game

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Big Bad Ape HTML5

Big Bad Ape

Big Bad Ape

Join Big Bad Ape game to turn yourself into a giant ape that can smash everything it sees along the way when it is imprisoned. It wants to get out there and you will help him to unleash hatred against humans by destroying the entire city, just like T-Rex once did. Rush through the streets as the giant hairy gorilla, jump into the car, crash into people as you try to make buildings collapse. The more chaos you cause, the higher your score.
After the break of the giant gorilla glasses will be let loose on the street, you control it to perform an urban carnage. And it’s not the little armed guards that will stop you, even the soldiers with rifles and even fewer army tanks and special forces helicopters. The raw power of gorillas and its incredible power are enough to terrorize all the people you meet! Swallow everything you find, destroy all living things and destroy cars, buildings, and boats.
Bring to the big city to entertain everyone, turntables with your captors and entertain by flattening this place and eating it all. When the police and the army are informed of your power trip, deal with more difficult and dangerous enemies.

How to play Big Bad Ape

The game control is very simple when you use the Space key to break the window and make the ape escape from the shell. Then use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control the orangutan’s direction in the direction you want as well as the “Space” key to destroy what’s in the way, what doesn’t exist in front of the creatures, items.