Big Ice Tower Tiny Square Game

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Big Ice Tower Tiny Square HTML5

Big Ice Tower Tiny Square

Big Ice Tower Tiny Square

Big Ice Tower Tiny Square is a game conquering the maze tunnel to the tower at the top.
You will control a block of pink boxes moving in the tunnel segment with many obstacles to escape before the water rises and engulfs you. When you fall in puddles during your move, you will lose your life.
Use your movement abilities such as advancing, looming, jumping off walls to reach higher areas. There will be many high walls that require you to practice your jumping skills to overcome it.
The game is a huge level divided into large screen parts including a lot of meticulously designed obstacles. You will need time and ingenuity to pass the maze.
Many obstacles appear along the way or are instructions for you. The higher the level, the more obstacles and traps there will be. It is these things that increase the fun for the game.
Pass all levels to conquer this game.
This game is completely free to play, you don’t have to pay any fee to download and play this game.
The interface is extremely simple but the gameplay is extremely interesting, you will experience the feeling of conquering the tower placed high above.
As a newcomer to this game, you will find it a bit difficult, but once you have found a way, it will be easier and more addictive.
The game is suitable for all types of players and requires perseverance players, so it will also help players practice perseverance.

How to play Big Ice Tower Tiny Square

Big Ice Tower Tiny Square uses arrow keys to move, up arrow to jump. The way you can jump very high is to hold the arrow left or right to let the pink box cling to the black wall and you will press the arrow up repeatedly to make the box fly high up.