Big Time Butter Baron Game

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Big Time Butter Baron HTML5

Big Time Butter Baron

Big Time Butter Baron

Big Time Butter Baron is a challenging but very interesting classic puzzle game where you must place the correct blocks.
Your task in the Big Time Butter Baron game is to arrange the butter boxes on the transport room floor, cover as much space as possible, filling the factory floor with pieces of butter. Try to make complete lines to earn bonus points! Any gaps on the grid will result in blockers in the next round. Shapes can be moved and placed on the grid with the mouse. Rotate shapes using the left and right keyboard arrow keys.
Piecing together the butter puzzle pieces in this 3D building and completing each floor to reach the next level. Although you are familiar with this puzzle game, don’t be too confident! It will get more and more complex as you move forward and face new challenges. So you have to work on the factory floor packing the butter shapes as tightly as possible onto the board. To control, use the mouse to place them and the arrow keys to rotate the shape. There may also be some blocking and eraser shapes! If you like this game, this is the best way to spend your free time. Just dive into the world of puzzles and enjoy the time you have spent here.

How to play Big Time Butter Baron

Move the butter puzzle pieces with your mouse.
Use the arrow keys, spacebar or the WASD key to rotate the pieces.
Hit enter to place them on the floor.
Fill over 50% of the board and the butter will be sent for delivery. Beware of ‘blocking’ and ‘eraser’ shapes .