Blacksmith Lab Game

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Blacksmith Lab HTML5

Blacksmith Lab

Blacksmith Lab

Blacksmith Lab is a very addictive idle clicker game, in which you have to collect many different precious materials such as Iron, copper and gold.
You have just opened a new blacksmith shop. In Blacksmith Lab game, your mission is to mine minerals, forge weapons, armor or fascinate your creations and sell them to the royal army. Start by building an iron store by simply clicking on the iron mine – when you collect iron, then you can start building items like iron shields. When you start making money, you can buy upgrades to improve the speed you collect iron. You can also invest money to get more income. Invest the money you earn into store upgrades so you can make money faster. As you progress, you can unlock new materials and earn a higher income. Beware of Royal missions and special offers or events that appear from time to time. This game has great potential and it keeps playing if you’re away from your keyboard. You can work your way through all the materials and build a successful lab hood. Go through all 50 levels and become rich while running your blacksmith business. Upgrade your blacksmith, invest your money and take care of your customers.

Features of the Blacksmith Lab game

Invest in banks and markets, but be careful because prices are constantly changing
Unlock new materials to produce better quality and higher price products
Random events have different effects

How to play game Blacksmith Lab

Use the left mouse button to play.