Bleach vs Naruto Game

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Bleach vs Naruto HTML5

Bleach vs Naruto

Bleach vs Naruto

Bleach vs Naruto is a tactical animation game. In this game, your task is to quickly choose one of your favorite Bleach or Naruto characters to start playing. Use the skills, special skills of each character to win. Quickly defeat the opponent and assert your championship power.
The game brings you graphics, character designs, playing styles, … and more, the gameplay of this game almost meets all ages, especially those who love the Manga. The full character system (more than 38 characters), especially the game publisher, has specifically designed the characters to be extremely similar to the styles in the original story.
Owning a simple game, but captivating the player by the logic and though only directly experience this game series. With the system of tactics, Compo, … are carefully invested, so it brings the attraction and fascination of gamers who love the fighting games in general or love computer games in particular.

Bleach vs Naruto

This game can be played by 2 people:
Player 1:
– Use the A key and the D key to move.
– Press S key to defending.
– Press J key to attack, K key to jump and L key to move fast.
– Press U key to use attorney, the key I to use special skills and O key to call support characters.
Player 2:
– Use the left and right arrow keys to move.
– Press DOWN ARROW KEY to defend.
– Press number key 1 to attack, number 2 key to jump, number 3 key to move fast.
– Press number 4 key to use attorney, number 5 key to use special skills and number key 6 to call support characters.
– Press the J key to start playing.
– Large game size, click Open Large to play the game with enough size.