Blob Thrower Game

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Blob Thrower HTML5

Blob Thrower

Blob Thrower

Blob Thrower is a game in which you will need to make very good shots using the cannon to bring the yellow spots together to be fused to form a big yellow blob. This is the favorite intellectual game.
In the game Blob Thrower, you will feel a very unique interesting features besides comfort and relaxation. Launch black spots to bring the yellow creatures together. Your task in the Blob Thrower game is to create a giant yellow blob. Collect power-ups that will make your blobs sticky, explosive, or inflated. There may be 10 black pieces on the screen at the same time. You will control a cannon, shoot out funny black and round ink marks, to push the yellow ink marks in the game so they can rub and stick together. Figuring out how to get the yellow ink to move will be a big challenge for you. Sometimes you have to push them through deep holes, sometimes they are dangling on bamboo, you have to use strong thrust and inertia to achieve the goal of that screen. Find the best way to merge yellow creatures in Blob Thrower. Find new abilities as you progress through the levels, so your blobs can stick, explode, or inflate when activated. Use your wits and ingenuity to accomplish the exciting goals of the game.

How to play game Blob Thrower

Use your mouse to aim and click to launch. Launch blobs with different abilities to merge yellow blobs into one big, yellow blobs. Click on certain blobs to activate them. Click anywhere to make a shot