Bloom Defender Game

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Bloom Defender HTML5

Bloom Defender

Bloom Defender

Bloom Defender is a fighting game that protects the mother tree from the onslaught of spirits.
The evil spirits move along the path to attack the mother tree and you will plant small trees so they fight to protect the mother tree from the evil spirits.
You can click and drag a sprout to plant trees along the way, where it can be placed to kill souls when they appear. The trees have weapons and automatically destroy the soul. When you have finished placing the plants you will press the play button so the souls move along that path.
When you destroy that wave of souls, you will unlock new upgrades with more powerful spells such as freezing, fire, crushing, collecting more water …
Between waves, spend your water to place new plants or upgrade them to form a dense line of protective plants for the mother plant.
When fighting the waves, you can click on the evil spirits to use your special elemental power. Win many levels to give you more elemental power.
This game has many levels, each level is different scenes with different waves of souls, the next level the more powerful these souls are so you need to upgrade tactics. and use reasonable elemental powers.
Try to survive for a long time and unlock all the levels in this game to become the top of the player achievement rankings.
This game is completely free to play, you do not have to pay any fee for downloading and playing this game.
With an easy way to play, vivid images, the game will be suitable for all players.

How to play Bloom Defender

Bloom Defender LEFT CLICK to place trees and upgrade activities. A click game using this strategy will give players a lot of fun while playing. If you love this game, you can join to play often or recommend to friends to play.